Martha Washington’s Salmon Colored Dress

This cool find comes to us from Heather Cunningham, our Martha Washington in Your Colonel. It’s an image of a salmon-colored dress worn by Martha Washington and is now a part of the Smithsonian First Ladies Exhibition. Check it out after the break.

Martha Washington's 1780s Dress

Martha Washington’s 1780s Dress (

From the Smithsonian website:

Made of salmon pink faille, Mrs. Washington’s dress features a handpainted pattern of flowers and insects. It was first displayed in the original First Ladies Hall, which opened in the Arts and Industries Building in 1914. On loan for many years, the dress became part of the permanent collections in 1929 and remains on view today in the current first ladies exhibition.

Have you ever visited the first ladies exhibition? Wanna share photos of your own Salmon-colored, flower-and-insect print dress? Curious as to what our Martha will be wearing? Let us know in the comments below.

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