Burr’s Timeless Devotion

Countless writings have recounted Burr’s healthy appetite for the fairer sex. Matthew Livingston Davis, a man who was “intimately acquainted with Colonel Burr,” “possessed his entire confidence,” and went on to compile Burr’s memoirs (which many aptly call more a defense than a diary), says–in those same memoirs–“it is truly surprising how any individual could have become so eminent as a soldier, as a statesman, and as a professional man, who devoted so much time to the other sex as was devoted by Colonel Burr.”

This “devotion” has remained a key part of our fascination with Aaron Burr. Check out The Milwaukee Journal’s fascinating (and rather cheeky) summation from 1943 of his love life–including a brief bit with the Margaret Moncrieffe of our play–after the jump. Continue reading

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Righteous Festivus, whatever your cup of holiday tea may be!

Today’s Geek Out post is a little atypical — not so much a cool historic fact or snippet as a hilarious take on Your Colonel‘s central figure, Aaron Burr, from Cracked. I, for one, would love to see “Burr’s Thundercats” in action.

Israel Putnam’s Signature and Terrible Spelling

Thanks for checking out our first post in the “Geek Out” series! Various members of our cast and creative team will be sharing cool facts, pictures, thoughts, curses, and who-knows-what-else from our research and individual processes on “Your Colonel.”

First, here’s Israel Putnam (a hero at Bunker Hill, he’s the guy responsible for the famous “whites of their eyes” command). Continue reading