Become a Part of the “Your Cololonel” Mob

The IndieGoGo campaign for “Your Colonel” and the broader Aaron Burr Cycle launched yesterday. IndieGoGo, along with similar crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and RocketHub, have become ubiquitous for discovering and supporting emerging artists, so we wanted to do something a little different.

Watch Montgomery Sutton and Joshua Luria discuss

Watch Montgomery Sutton and Joshua Luria discuss “Your Colonel” and the Aaron Burr Cycle

“Your Colonel” is about taking great (nearly archetypal) figures of American History and breathe life into them as visceral, tangible and immediate; simultaneously, we’re trying to really dig deep into the possibilities of immersive realism, specifically through sound design (You can hear me and Josh Luria talk more about that, and the cycle in general, in this video).

So: we want our campaign to not only reflect and embody those same ideas, but to be exciting in the same ways. What that means for you is that at even just $10, you can literally take home a piece of this process (an actual page of rehearsal script, with rehearsal-room markup from me, director Josh Luria, or a member of the cast). At higher levels, you can literally become a part of the play: your name written on one of the letters that serve as a key catalyst; as a voice in the sound design of revolutionary mob that starts the show or as a distinct voice moving through the house of the play; have a personalized letter written to you from Aaron Burr*; or going even further, you can commission your own short play which I’ll write for you or the person of your choice or even become a full executive producer on this show and gain a seat at the table for readings and workshops throughout the next 8 parts of the Aaron Burr Cycle.

Oh yeah, and many of these levels will get you hugs from Josh and me. And we give damn good hugs.

So please have a look at the campaign and our video, and support “Your Colonel” and the Aaron Burr Cycle if you can. It’s a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an epic theatrical project, and we can’t do it without your unique input and support.

* Ok, so Burr’s been dead a long time. But I’ll write it, and our Burr (Chris Ryan) will sign it. And maybe kiss it. No promises.

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